Thai Cooking Classes at the World Famous Blue Elephant Cooking School

Blue Elephant Cooking School - Bespoke Thailand Travel For a quality Thai cooking experience, classes at the Blue Elephant Cooking School are about as good as it gets. This high quality cooking school and renowned restaurant stays true to Thailand’s roots by employing original techniques and local ingredients to produce stunning Royal Thai dishes.

There are Blue Elephant schools in both Bangkok and Phuket, where students get to learn from qualified instructors in air-conditioned classrooms and fully kitted out practice rooms. The class in Bangkok is near Surasak Skytrain station in an interesting old building, while the Phuket class is housed in the stunning Phra Pitak Chinpracha Mansion in Phuket Town. Both classes have full Blue Elephant restaurants on site.

Groups are typically small and aim to produce a multi-course meal, such as starters, Thai green curry (for example) and a dessert. A typical class includes a morning market visit to pick out and learn about correct vegetables with the instructor. These jaunts are an adventure in themselves and give insight into an important part of Thai culture. The market adventure is followed by class theory, cooking with your own station and then tasting the meal along with professionally prepared Thai food.

The theory includes taking a look at Thai herbs and spices, while tasting classic dishes like tom yum kung is a highlight together with a practical class on how to produce them. Classes are run in the morning and afternoon, with the morning one in Bangkok including a Skytrain ride to the market, running up to lunchtime. They take roughly four hours and include a Blue Elephant certificate together with a neat little cookery set.

The Blue Elephant schools cater to all cooking skill levels, for everyone from beginner cooks right up to noted chefs wanting to learn the art of ancient Thai cooking. Along with the standard half-day cooking classes are more advanced classes for those after a higher level of learning. There is also a full, private week-long Blue Elephant course for those looking to get the full learning experience.

To simply dine out at a Blue Elephant restaurant is an experience in itself and usually involves having to book a table a fair way in advance. With the cooking class, participants also get to dine in these most famous of restaurants as well as the chance to work with a renowned chef. Not only is it a great value day out, it is also an opportunity to learn a new skill.