Our Recommended Golf Courses in Chiang Mai

These are our recommendation for the best Golf courses in Chiang Mai.

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Royal Chiang Mai

The Royal Chiang Mai Golf Club and Resort is one of Chiang Mai’s original modern 18-hole courses. It suits most playing levels and is perhaps slightly shorter than the average course. Being higher up and away from the city also makes the air fresher and cooler.

Chiang Mai Golf Courses 1

Mae Jo Golf Club

Mae Jo Golf Club is one of the more accessible, reasonably priced golf courses in the Chiang Mai area. An 18-hole course, it sits off to the northeast of Chiang Mai city and comes with fine fairways and views of the surrounding mountains.

Chiang Mai Golf Courses 2

Alpine Golf Resort

Residing just 30 minutes from the centre of Chiang Mai and Chiang Mai International Airport, the 18-hole Alpine Golf Resort Chiang Mai (formerly Chiang Mai Lamphun Golf Club) is a classic Ron Garl-designed course for the serious player.

Chiang Mai Golf Courses 3

Summit Green Valley

Designed by Dennis Griffiths, the same architect as Thai Country Club in Bangkok, the Summit Green Valley layout is one of the best kept in Chiang Mai. Situated in the lowlands and only 20 minutes’ drive from the centre of Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai Golf Courses 4

Gassan Valley

Laid out along the border of ancient Lamphun and Chiang Mai provinces is the well-priced Gassan Khuntan Golf and Resort. It is nestled within the beauty of neighbouring Doi Khuntan National Park just an hour from Chiang Mai and is one of Northern Thailand’s most challenging courses.

Chiang Mai Golf Courses 5