Bangkok Spa Experience

Bangkok might not immediately spring to mind the picture of relaxation and wellness, yet many visitors come here to be pampered in the top spas. Thais do relaxation and hospitality very well; they are renowned for it and Bangkok has a number of high-end spa facilities, such as the excellent Dahra Spa.

Though Thailand is known for its somewhat sleazy side, and indeed there are options to indulge in kinky massage, traditional Thai massage has an equally popular footing, yet with excellent, Wat Pho-trained practitioners. Bangkok is also the perfect place to get spa treatments owing to the excessive heat and extensive sightseeing.

Thai massage is the main treatment option that most visitors try out. This is a tough kind of work over, where the masseuse or masseur will knead, bend and poke areas of the body roughly and seemingly at random. The idea is to put pressure down on the energy lines in order get pent-up energy flowing to heal the system.

For this reason, Thai massage can be quite uncomfortable, but, if done properly, those who try it will feel the benefits later. Foot massage is much the same, though the idea is to fix ailments through poking or manipulating areas on the base of the feet.

Oil massage is akin to European or Swedish massage, where the muscles are kneaded using palm pressure and therapeutic oils. It is a lot more forgiving than Thai massage and many visitors go this route as it is instantly relaxing. Aromatherapy goes hand in hand with oil massage by using soothing essential oils as an alternative medicine to aid relaxation.

Bangkok is loaded with massage shops offering all of these kinds of treatments, including traditional Thai massage, oil massage and reflexology. While it is possible to get a decent hour-long back rub off the street, quality and attentiveness received is hit and miss. A fully kitted out spa with professional practitioners certainly offers the best service in this respect.

Dahra Spa is one of the best rated spa centres in Bangkok. Located in the posh Silom Road area, it offers a full range of mind and body treatment options, from Royal Thai massage and aromatherapy to body scrubs, wraps and beauty treatments. Several well-equipped therapy rooms feature attentive service staff that utilise fine fragrances and soothing sounds take guests a million miles from the bustling streets of Bangkok.

We can arrange a number of treatments at Dahra Spa, from simple massage to a full package of pampering. It’s possible to book this along with your hotel in Bangkok, a night out at a high-end restaurant and even concierge services. In short, we can tailor an entire holiday, negating the time and stress involved with self-booking.

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